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Tryout Results
On behalf of the FSC staff and coaches, we would like to extend a big thank you to the players and parents for attending our biggest tryout yet!  We are so excited about this upcoming season.

To accept your position, please click on this link and register for the travel teams. Please check your email address and verify that it is correct.  This is the email that monthly invoices for coaching fees will be sent to.
Registration Link:
 Your registration is not complete until payment has been received.  If you are new to Fayetteville Soccer Club or to a travel team, you must submit a copy of your birth certificate.  All players must complete a medical waiver and turn it in to the team manager at the team meeting.  
The medical waiver can be found at this link:  http://www.ncsoccer.org/Files/forms/newmedicalliability.pdf

Your team manager or coach will be in contact with you regarding the time and date of the team meeting.  If you are not going to accept your position, please email us at faysoccer@aol.com.  
We look forward to a great soccer year.

Youth Academy Girls
Anissa M
Alexis R
Ryann T
Caitlin T
Talana B
Sophia H
Laina M
Annabeth S
Kaelan S
Avery V
Rainger P
Annabelle C
Payton R
Daughtry W
Caroline L
Layla S
Emily C

U11 Girls
Courtney A
Olivia H
Katelynn J
Kendall M
Maiya P
Naomi W
Emmi B
Halie B
Valeria P
Mia M

U12 Girls
Catherine H
Jade M
Allysa R
Christina R
MacKenzie S
Mallory S
Kylie H
Gretchen E
Jordan H
Arrieanna T

U13 Girls
Camryn A
Rhianna B
Autumn B
MacLaine B
Makenzie B
Savanna C
Ally G
Katelynn M
Rianna O
Talia P
Anna P
Rebecca V
Emily W
Lauren W
Lillian F

U14 Girls
Abigail B
Bryanna E
Taylor J
Kaylee K
Bryanna L
Madelyn L
Kalista M
Kate N
Kayley O
Pilar P
Aliyah R
Madison S
Abigail S
Harley W
Madalyn O

U15 Girls
Stephanie A
Caroline B
Cynthia C
Isabella D
Taylor D
Rochelle F
Kaylee L
Haley M
Emily N
Justice N
Jordan P
Abigail W
Marina C
Brooke B
Valerie L

U17 Girls
Brittany B
Maggie D
Jessie K
Chloe L
Berkley L
Shawna M
Ashlee M
Ashelynn P
Rachel B
Kirby R
Madison B
Kelsey C
Christina E
Jessica L
Amanda N
Ashley P
Taylor S
Madaline T

U18 Girls
Amber A
Laura D
Karly G
Nancy K
Alyssa M
Hannah M
Kayla M
Rayleen O
Taylor P
Amanda P
Maddie B
Gina C
Katie C
Gabriella T
Jessie K

Youth Academy Boys
Joel B
Jarrell D
Cole G
Howard A
Jacob G
Curran H
David L
Samuel R
Jack A
Logan F
Gregory F
Emmanuel G
Donald H
Ian M
Jonathan M
Alex P
Hunter S
William T
David F
Christian B
Camden L
Harry M
Athalio L
Arinze E

U11 Boys
Walker B
Gianni G
Dante K
Kyle K
Hunter N
Jonathan P
Christian Q
Champion S
Nicholas S
Abdiel V
Jackson M

U12 Boys
Alex B
Isaiah B
Caleb B
Kyle D
Benjamyn E
Tanner H
Walker S
Drayton S
Ethan S
Connor S
Chase T
Patrick V
Smith W

U13 Boys
Julian B
Wesley B
Nyjel C
Declan C
Edward D
Drew F
Michael H
Tyler H
Derek K
Jackson K
Henry L
William O
Max P
Logan Q
Aidan R
Max R
Steven S
Jalen S

U14 United Boys
Michael I
Jonathan R
Andrew P
Willie B
Jordan C
Chetan G
Cameron G
Zac K
Ricardo R
Kaylon D
Justin J
Steven S
Jake T

U14 Boys
Jaysen A
Matt D
William D
David H
Christian H
Kory H
Jacob K
Jonathan K
Josh K
Connor M
Alex R
Dan S
Matt W
Anthony W
Devon P
Coby D

U15 Boys
Spell C
Matt C
Greyson G
Thomas H
Kyle H
Ian M
Karl M
Peter O
Jake R
Matthew S
Taylor S
James S
Jeremy S
William W
Marc L
Jeffrey P

U15 United Boys
Caleb E
Darryl G
Blake G
Alex H
Logan H
Peter D
Benjamin S
Justin W
Thomas W
Rony W
Frank V
Sam F
Comran B
Hisham M

  U16 Boys
Raymond B
Alex B
Brett B
Justin C
Kytel C
Kerry E
Austin G
Noah J
Nicola M
Chance M
Conor M
Neel P
Kamal P
Malachi A
Sho B
Jace W

U17 Boys
Kyle B
Richard C
David C
Trevor H
Charles J
Felix L
Alex M
Kristopher M
Garrett M
Patrick M
Nicholas R
Josh R
Bryan S
Sam V
Darrius S
Gerarado P

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