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Tryout FAQ's
Tryout FAQ's
Answers to frequently asked questions

How are tryouts scheduled?
FSC is prohibited from scheduling tryouts until after NC Youth Soccer (NCYSA) finishes its state cup tournaments, which is usually mid-May. FSC also faces the prospect of summer vacations starting in mid June. This leaves a very small window to hold tryouts for all three divisions that are convenient for the most number of people.

The tryout committee begins in November looking at potential tryout dates and revising each year’s schedule to meet that particular year’s events and dates.
My child will not be available for the sessions. What options do we have?

It is in your child’s best interest to attend both of his or her assigned sessions. Doing so reinforces your family’s commitment to this program in the eyes of your child. It also ensures that your child is fairly evaluated while trying out with players of comparable age and ability. Your child may be asked to attend another session. 

If there is a unavoidable conflict, parents must send an e-mail BEFORE tryouts to faysoccer@aol.com
 giving the player’s name and date of birth and reason for conflict.

What items should my child bring to tryouts?

All players should wear shorts, cleats and shin guards.  A tryout t-shirt and a pin on number will be given to each player at check in.  The player should wear the t-shirt and pin on number both days of tryouts.  Please bring an appropriate size soccer ball (size #4 for U8-U12 and size #5 for U13-U18).  Payers should also bring plenty of water.  Please label all personal items with your child's name. 

Who evaluates the players?

Players are evaluated by the FSC Coaching Staff and the Director of Coaching.  

Our child has been playing with older players. How do we decide which age group to have him/her try out with?
ALL players will tryout at their age level the first night of tryouts.  Occasionally, players may try out with an older age group, but ONLY if it is pre-approved by the FSC Director of Coaching.  If a player “played up” for the 2012-13 seasonal year, his/her coach must submit a request  to the Director of Coaching for consideration of the player to "play up".  While an approval to try out with an older age group may be granted, it does not guarantee that the player will be placed in the older age group.  
How can I help prepare my child for this experience?

It is common for a child to be nervous at a tryout.  Please make sure that he/she is physically prepared (has all equipment, water, etc).  Arrive to check in early.  You can also make sure that your child gets a good night of sleep before tryouts and that they eat a healthy lunch during the day. 

For many children, this may be the first experience they will have with being selected, or conversely, with not being selected. It’s important that you, as a parent, manage their expectations.

Should your child not make the team of his or her choice, remember that this decision it isn’t personal or permanent, but how they respond to the outcome can be. Playing any sport – and soccer is no exception – requires hard work and tenaciousness. Continuing to play soccer and develop as a player is the first and most important step your child can take to turn that decision around next year.
Can I watch during tryouts?
Parents may watch tryouts from designated areas, however, FSC does not permit parents to talk specifically to, or coach their child, during the session. 

We do this for several reasons:
First, each player needs to be focused on listening to their instructions. Any distraction, no matter how well-intended, may cause your child to miss an important instruction that results in a poor performance.  
Second, what evaluators are looking for may not be obvious. Suggesting that your child take a shot, strike a long ball, or attempt a breakaway may be counter to what an evaluator is looking for.   
Third, we recognize that tryouts present a stressful situation for players and parents. Our evaluators strive to maintain a fun and fair atmosphere on the field. Parents help most by channeling their energy into cheering for all good play on the field while ignoring any mistakes.
How will we be notified if our child makes a team?

Players selected for a team will be notified by e-mail. And it is very important that the parents read the information carefully. We also post Academy, Challenge and Classic results on FSC web site. Our ability to do this depends directly on whether and when each player accepts or declines their position. 

Players and their families will be required to attend a Meet the Team/Registration event.  This important event allows teams to organize and convey essential information to families before summer vacations start.  During this meeting, players will complete registration paperwork and place orders for uniforms.  

What if it is raining on the day of tryouts?

In the case of inclement weather, a decision will be made by 2pm and posted on the FSC website under field status as well as the announcements.  If bad weather occurs during the tryout process, the Director of Coaching will make a decision at the fields.  
Why do you need a birth certificate?

FSC is required to verify date of birth for all players new to FSC so a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate must be submitted.  Returning players who have submitted birth certificates in the past do not need to re-submit a copy each year. Players will NOT be registered to play on the team until a birth certificate copy is presented.

For additional questions or concerns, please contact us at faysoccer@aol.com.
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